Our Technology

100% Pure Visco Memory Foam

South Bay International is committed to manufacturing 100% pure visco memory foam products.  We independently test and verify our products, ensuring we are providing our customers with 100% pure visco memory foam products that contain no fillers, such as clay.  In order to maintain ultimate control over the quality of our product, we operate our own overseas memory foam manufacturing factory.

South Bay International is dedicated to continuing our research and development activities to provide our clients with the best products available on the market.  We have become advocates for ensuring the integrity of visco memory foam products.

The Wedge

South Bay International is the Inventor and Patent holder of the edge support technology, the Wedge.  Often imitated, the Wedge is a proprietary feature of the Sleep Science line.  By supporting and stabilizing the complete sleeping surface, the Wedge prevents sagging and extends the life of the mattress.  The mattress supports the weight of the body in a way that memory foam mattresses without the Wedge simply can’t.

The science behind the Wedge: 

  • Constructed of premium-quality, high-density HR polyurethane foam
  • Provides needed support to the outer edge sitting surface of the mattress
  • Extends the effective sleep surface of the memory foam mattress by 20%, effectively allowing for an edge-to-edge sleeping surface
  • Adds longevity and durability by supporting and reinforcing the overall structural integrity of the mattress

Sleep Science Proprietary Air Channel Base

The Sleep Science Proprietary Air Channel creates a cooler sleeping surface by dramatically increasing airflow through the mattress core and reducing friction.  Its unique construction makes it the perfect visco memory foam mattress for use with an adjustable bed.  The proprietary composition of the foam and its application provide a flexible yet stable base surface for visco memory foam.

The science behind the Sleep Science Proprietary Air Channel Base:

  • Permits optimal efficiency of air circulation throughout the mattress base
  • The Air Channel is relief cut in 1” grooves that run horizontally and vertically
  • Responds like individual springs as it absorbs the force of the body from the upper layers of the mattress core and sleep surface
  • Reduces friction between the base and upper mattress layers
  • Allows the mattress to conform more closely to the contours of the body