Density indicates how much the foam weighs. For example, a cubic foot of four lbs/ft density foam weighs four pounds. The density of memory foam often determines many mattress characteristics as well as many differences between brands/models. You can often learn much about a memory foam mattress simply by knowing its density.  In most areas of comparison, low and medium-density memory foam mattresses tend to perform as well as and often better than high-density memory foam mattresses.

For first time visco memory foam sleepers, please allow 30-60 days to adjust.

Gel memory foam is infused with gel beads that will capture and dissipate your body heat. The cool sleeping surface provides the optimal thermal experience.

Memory foam mattresses may sleep warmer than other non-memory foam mattresses because when lying on the bed, people tend to sleep “in the mattress” instead of “on the mattress,” making more direct skin contact with the mattress which may absorb more body heat making the mattress feel warmer. 

Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam and latex is a substance that comes from the rubber tree.  Latex foam has a higher elasticity or resiliency than memory foam.  The result is that latex will feel more spring and memory foam will feel denser.  Therefore, memory foam will not push back up against your body upon pressure being applied to it.  We like to say that with memory foam, you tend to sleep “in it” and with latex you tend to sleep “on it.”

Newly opened memory foam mattresses may give off an initial odor that can last for a couple of days. It is akin to the “new car smell” since memory foam mattresses have been compressed and sealed into a plastic bag and it has not had a chance for the odor to escape and air out. The odor is non-toxic but can be a bother for people who are sensitive to smells. We suggest airing out the mattress for at least 24 hours before putting sheets on the bed to reduce the initial odor.


The split king is made up of two Twin XL bases and mattresses. You will need to buy a Twin XL sheet set for each side of the split king. If your mattress is over 10 inches tall, you will need Twin XL deep pocket sheets.

You can use any type of mattress cover or protector. There are no recommended brands or styles. Not using a protector will not void your warranty.  


Most memory foam and latex mattresses will be compatible without an issue. Some innerspring mattresses are NOT compatible. For those mattresses, you will need to contact the manufacturer to see if it can be used with an adjustable base.

There are headboard brackets that will attach a headboard and footboard to the adjustable bed frame. Bracket availability will depend on what model you have. Please contact customer service or your nearest dealer for more information.

Most bed frames are compatible. The bed frame must be the same size as your adjustable bed set.

Zero clearance adjustable bases have the ability to be used without legs. The adjustable bases will come with legs, but the legs do not have to be used. You can place the adjustable base on top of a slatted surface or platform with no legs.


Firmer options (medium firm to firm) are usually better for back and stomach sleepers. Firmer memory foam mattresses are more supportive and have less of a sinking feeling.

You can make a mattress softer by adding a mattress topper. 1’’ for a little softness or 2-3’’ for more softness.

Typically softer options are better for side sleepers. The softer memory foam will aid in the mattress contouring around your shoulder and hip areas which need the most support. 

A innerspring hybrid mattress consists of springs at the base of the mattress and memory foam on top (sleeping layer). Both memory foam and hybrids will feel similar, as both will have memory foam sleep layers (top layer), but the hybrid will have a little bounce due to the inner springs. The memory foam mattress will not have any bounce at all.


Please visit our recycling resources partner ByeByeMattress for more information.

Yes, all of our mattresses are Certipur certified. CertiPUR-US® is a not-for-profit certification program for foam used in bedding products and upholstered furniture. When you see the CertiPUR-US® seal, you can be confident that the flexible polyurethane foam inside meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.